Friday, June 27, 2014

Prom Portraits at Union Station

What fun!  I had a blast with this cute couple capturing their Senior Prom.  Here are some of my favorites!


I kept trying to get them to laugh a little by having them look at each other.  It worked!

I love their look with the train station setting in both black and white and color.  Timeless...

So much fun!

A few candids...

Had to do one with the leg pop!
How can you be kissing someone at the train station and not do the leg pop?

A little random fun...

Caught this as they were trying to figure out what they wanted to do next.  Just loved the feel of it. 


Thanks for viewing!  Let me know if you would like a session at Union Station too!  -Eva

The Blog Is Back!

Hi friends!  So for the past year I have been posting my pictures on just the Facebook page.  And I've become a little behind there too!  I am super excited to have this newly designed site and to be bringing this blog up to date so all my work is in one place.  Get ready to see some fun, sweet sessions!
Thank you for all your support!
Love, Eva